The Billionaire Aff...
By dollyharwood
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Lani Woods is the ex-wife of prestigious business entrepreneur and billionaire - Oscar Maxwell. Living in the shadow of his fame, fortune, betrayal and their destroyed marriage, Lani is left with nothing whilst picking up the pieces of her broken heart. When she finally begins to move on and start putting her demons at rest, Oscar's father, who is also Lani's longtime friend, reveals some shocking news - he has Cancer. The ex's are violently thrown back into each other's lives again and for the sake of their family, they must learn to get along. Will they crash and burn like last time or will they attempt to fix what drove them apart in the first place? *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, EXPLICIT & MATURE CONTENT, AND VIVID SEXUAL WRITING. DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE*

01. The Wedding Night

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The Billi...
by dollyharwood