The Reality Of Nigh...
By OralKel
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As an angel of love, Hadraniel "Adrian" Stars doesn't really know how to do his job properly. His parents being the King and Queen of the Angels Association is not helping him at all. In fact, it makes his parents question if he's really the angel of love as he doesn't see its purpose. He doesn't like being pressured, especially since he's the next one to claim the throne of the King. But until then, Adrian remains clueless as to what his really job is. The King has decided to help him: by throwing him on Earth. As he lands on Earth, powerless and not really looking prince-y at all, how could he protect himself, especially when the demons freely roam all over the Earth? Despite his appearance as a mere human and not looking angelic at all, he can't help but attract supernatural creatures, but what if one demon finds him and desires him most? Two things are for sure though; he's not safe and he will the see the reality of his nightmare. #5 - PART OF THE EXTENDED UNIVERSE

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The Reali...
by OralKel