Daddy says so
By hummusbae
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Luke has seen Lottie around school, his Daddy instincts tell him she's a little. A chance encounter at a senior party reveals this freshman might want what he wants. Structure, obedience, each other. Lottie Is young and rebellious, Luke had his fair share of wild nights but he's far too busy with his job he won't go into much detail about... Will Daddy Luke manage to tame bratty Lottie? Contains spanking, smut TW for mental illness, eating disorders and self harm. I don't know heaps about Luke but he mighty fine so don't come for me if I get his fav colour wrong ok thxx 💕 DISCLAIMER DDLG and all other BDSM related relationships and/or play are ONLY practiced by consenting adults. This work is entirely fictional, and as such strays at times from the Safe Sane and Consensual principles. If you intend to try out scenes similar to those described in this book, please do research online first about how to do it safely, practice SSC, and stay safe xx

Dreamy Eyed Luke

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Daddy say...
by hummusbae