The Fourteen of Maj...
By Polish445
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Ever wonder why everything that goes through the Bermuda triangle disappears? Magical beings with extraordinary powers live there, protected by one of the most powerful force fields to ever exist. Double holders(people with more than one power) are presumed as frightening and odd, but what happens when two groups of double holders would, later on, save the entire world? Each one withholds a power like no other, each possesses a quality like no other, each one has a charm like no other but what happens when the seven come together with the opposite seven? What happens when they have countless obstacles to face together? What happens when they team up to save Majestia from evil? They are the Fourteen of Majestia coming your way. Main Ships: Jin × Jisoo Namjoon × Irene Suga × Wendy Jhope × Momo Jimin × Rosè Taehyung × Jennie Jungkook × Lisa Hey guys, it's your author here. Now my past two books have been completely different from this one, but this has to be hands down my most favourite book I'm writing. It includes a lot of mystery, a teaspoon of fantasy, a handful of magic and a pinch of romance. So sit back and enjoy. The start may be like any other fanfic but I'm sure you'll find something different in this ff. ALL THE PICTURES USED IN THIS STORY ARE NOT MINE EXCEPT FOR THE STORY COVER, CREDITS GO TO THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS. Started: 22 April 2020 Finished: 7th June 2022

Character Introductions

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The Fourt...
by Polish445