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Parker James, a thirty something CEO finds herself challenged when a new owner, Chaz, takes over the company. Their lives twist together with secrets, lies, and maybe a few ties. 😈 ****Mature***** 18+ ************* Charles Winston Mayer-Chaz-is your typical trust fund, never gonna grow up, playboy. Living the bachelor life in NYC, girls, money, no responsibilities, always wanting to be in control. Everything changes when he has to return home after the death of his estranged father, inheriting his company. Parker James graduated top of her class, focused, career driven, hard working boss. Besides loving control, she and Chaz couldn't seem more different. When the two are forced to work together, it's a struggle for power and one-upping each other. Their lives are twisted together in a series of secrets, lies, and a few ties. They just might have more in common than they ever thought. It's bound to get interesting. 😈 Holding true to my style... you can expect some humor, tears, WTF faces and hopefully a twist or two. And definitely some interesting situations. If you don't like that... jump off. I do what I want! "Sometimes the ties that bind us are so strong. The harder we pull against them, the tighter the grip." **COMPLETED 10/2020

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