Crimson Insecuritie...
By bc_why_not_be_trash
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Cover Art is not Mine FemKiri Bakushima Echiko Kirishima is a girl with insecurities, health problems, and nightmares, but she's always had shoulders to lean on. This doesn't change once she makes it to Yuuei, an elite hero school where Echiko can achieve her dreams of becoming a hero. She's always wanted to help people and show the world how strong she can be; now she finally has the chance. Being the friendly girl she is, she makes friends with everyone in her class relatively easily. All except for a certain temperamental blond. Echiko sees this as a challenge; her fist challenge of becoming a hero. She mentally accepts this challenge, not knowing about the trials ahead. While trying to befriend the literal demon of the class, she finds herself getting more than just friendly emotions. How will she manage to juggle her feelings, her education, and her twisted home life, all while trying to be the best hero she can be? How will this pressure be used against her in the form of anxiety and insecurity? Mature themes ahead. Angst. Fluff and Filer Cursing (obviously) This story is a bit of a slow burn. Not sure how long it will be, but I'm trying to see how fast I can finish this without loosing interest. (sorry i'm trash at descriptions)

Echiko Kirishima

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Crimson I...
by bc_why_not_be_trash