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{BOOK1} XXXX MATURE CONTENT AND LANGUAGE XXXX RATE R XXX 18+ Avaluna was a small-town girl who moved to the USA with her family from England. She was kind, loving, funny and stubborn. She had a perfect life. A perfect guy. Alpha Onyx was a brute, a sadistic, impatient, cold heartless man. What happens when the big bad alpha kidnaps her on impulse? He broke our kiss. Both panting for air and lips red and swollen. "Are you wet for me?" he purred in my ears. My eyes widen at his question, realizing what I did. I broke from my lust fog. Get a grip of yourself Luna! "NO!" I squeal. "You sure?" his hand trail the waistband of my jeans teasingly. I can hear the lust in his voice. "Y-Yes." my voice sounds like a squeezie toy. Brilliant. He brushes his nose against the side of my neck and inhales, "I can smell you." I crush my thighs together. The arrogant prick smirk against my neck," I bet those panties are covered in your juice? Why don't you show me how soaked you are?" I slapped his hand away and spun around facing him. Bloody brilliant. I gulp realizing just how close he is to me. " You think rather highly of yourself. Don't you? Sorry, but you're not my type mate." I gulp when I saw the impish twinkle in his eyes. Buggar. He leans in resting his hands beside my hips on the sofa caging me in. My breathing hitched. There was nowhere to run. His body wasn't touching mine, but boy did I want it to. " Not your type huh? So... you wouldn't mind if I check?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright law ... All rights reserved to CherryKel only. No one is allowed to plagiarize, repost this story or anything else that comes to mind, without the author's written and signed consent.

Prologue /AN

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