The Nighttime Vigil...
By xXBurnt_PotatoXx
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Y/n Takahasi also known as the Nighttime Vigilante has been fighting crime in the shadows since she was ten. It all started when her parents abandoned her in the middle of nowhere, just because she wanted to become a hero. She wasn't going to give up fighting that easily, she made her way to an empty warehouse where she established her secret base/home. She needed a way to make money so she became a vigilante, a hero in disguise. If she saw trouble she would stop it, then she would take all the money off of them. All was well until one day the cops came knocking at her door, but with them was a bear mouse that offered her a deal of a lifetime. ~Rankings~ April 30, 2020- May 5th 2020: BnhaxReader 1st May 5th 2020- May 7th 200: BnhaxReader 2nd May 5th 2020- May 8 2020: Tsu 3rd May 8th 2020- May 15th: Dabi 1st May 15th, 2020- Toga 1st May 20th, 2020- Kirishma 1st May 28th, 2020- BnhaxReader 1st

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The Night...
by xXBurnt_PotatoXx