The Untold Secret
By DreamChaserGrace
  • Teen Fiction
  • babies
  • highschool
  • secrets
  • twins


Katherine is a gothic kind of girl who always wear dark colors and only has one friend in the whole world, Lily. She lives alone with her mother Miranda in the countryside and Miranda makes just enough money to support them. Amelia on the other hand is the most popular girl in school and has tons of friends, but only one close friend, Amber. Amelia lives with her father Roland and his girlfriend Candy in the big city and Roland is very rich so he spoils Amelia whenever he can. Although Amelia and Katherine go to the same school and they never pondered why they have the same last name, it turns into a mysterious secret that soon gets uncovered by an almost deathly fate. What will happen to the girls and their charming lives? It'll all change before they know it.

Chapter One

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The Untol...
by DreamChaserGrace