When Blackholes Col...
By jaiexe
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ONGOING: Threads of science and complexity are what Kali's web of mind is made of. Her curiosity is as big as the immense universe in her mind, but her world is dull and empty. Her soul is lost in the mist of chaos and insanity, wandering alone in the vast forest of obscurity. She seeks for freedom and enlightenment. All she ever wanted was to live. All of a sudden, she will meet a group of people that will color her monotonous world. Different colors of a nebula will surround the large empty space in her life. She'll meet Led, the mystifying body of space in her universe. The deepness of his soul and the cascades of overflowing intelligence will catch her attention. Like two puzzle pieces in an empty region of space; gigantic blackholes spinning in existence. When massive stars collapse in the end of their cycle, they turn into enigmatic creatures in space; a blackhole. Will the two blackholes ever collide? The background of the cover isn't mine. Credits to the owner of this photo.


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