After Her Last Stra...
By Zanashi
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After knowing that someone aside from her is capable of securing the top spot, Aphra felt nothing but hatred and utmost dislike towards that person. Will her opinion of him change after witnessing his personality behind closed doors? ****** Being second is never an option. Para kay Aphra Danine Pantorilla, makakausad lang siya kung siya ang laging nangunguna. She badly wants to prove her relatives that she is highly competent by being academically superior to everyone else. She should be first all the time. Kaya nang dumating si Sulivan de Lopezes, a man who is effortlessly good at everything, she started to lose the only achievement she thought she had. Dito nagsimula ang pag-usbong ng kanyang matinding pagkamuhi sa lalaki. Ang pagiging top student na nga lang ang maipagmamalaki niya, aagawin pa sa kanya? What made her hate him more is the fact that all people around her are rooting for Sulivan to defeat her. Her downfall is their happiness. What could possibly happen when the man she disliked the most accompanied her on her journey to find the better version of herself? On her journey to overcome the obstacles in her life? Amidst all failures, battles, and uncertainties, an unexpected friendship blossomed among students who were victims of college struggles. A special bond was formed between two persons who were once involved in an academic rivalry.


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After Her...
by Zanashi