I Bloom For You..
By Ash0245
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The moment Zenitsu Agatsuma laid eyes on Nezuko Kamado everything changed. Zenitsu quickly fell in love with Nezuko and tries to catch her attention by running after her or giving her flowers. Even for only knowing her for a few minutes he's already in love! His love for her is blooming like a rose! Yet hers is non-existent towards him... and so the hanahaki disease started to bloom inside zenitsu as well.. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Swearing, fighting, blood and death may occur in the story. [I don't own anything!! All rights go to the rightful owners Naoko Matsuda, Koyoharu Gotōge, Shueisha, NA Viz Media, Shōnen, Jump Comics and Weekly Shōnen Jump. I want to apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes! And I hope you all enjoy this book!!]

🌸 Flowers 🌸

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I Bloom F...
by Ash0245