Forest of Broken Tr...
By 17wardm
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Katniss Everdeen is a simple girl of the Hestian Clan, known for their trade in fireworks and the coal they are able to create. She works hard and rides up the ranks, slowly but surely, but she sometimes doesn't fit in. She knows that times are changing, that she is coming to the age where she needs to begin to look at making an advantageous marriage. But she doesn't want that. She dreams of a day when she can break free of the mold, become more than someone who turns the gnarled trees of the broken forest into hard, broken pieces of Carbon and ash. She loves to hear the sounds of the Musians floating across the river, the carefree life of the Sidans who work to gather fish, even the hard working Phestians seem happy in their work guilding and creating new technologies. She finds her fire destructive and dangerous, longing for a chance to be more than a fire bringer. Until she meets a young Demet on one of her missions to the village, a young man who is working on the grains in the field for his parent's bakery, does she realized that there us more to life, to fire, than destruction.


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Forest of...
by 17wardm