Wrong Choice, Right...
By cupofno
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I looked into his hazel eyes. They were sad, longing, broken-everything I felt all at once. I knew he was leaving me. Dammit, I knew he was a fucking wreck that had destroyed my life, but I knew I never had the guts to leave him. I wasn't strong enough. He had every part of me, and that was why we were disastrous. He owned my soul when he only let me have his heart. ❝You promised you were different.❞ I was crying. He never saw me cry before. ❝I know. I told you I hated liars. Why do you think I hate myself so much? I am the exact demon I warn others to steer clear of. I was just too selfish in the beginning to warn you because I wanted to be who you thought I was. I wanted to be the hero, and I felt like one with you. I couldn't stop this in the beginning because I loved you too much, too hard, and too fast. You gave me light in a dark world, and I was too selfish to save you from my darkness as I stole your light.❞ I was pretty sure he was crying too. ••••• Not every first love is the right choice. Although Kaylee Madox is happily married to her husband Liam, there was a time when she was in love with a boy that took her breath away and destroyed her all at once. She knew she had made a wrong choice by giving him every part of her, but she couldn't stop. He was her drug, but she knew they were disastrous. It was the wrong choice to love him, the wrong choice to give herself to him, the wrong choice to even see him...but it was also the right time. Certain choices cause nothing but pain in the end, but those choices sometimes help people find who they are. As Kaylee looks back on her life, she relives the moments she fell in love with the charming boy from the wrong side of the tracks that ended up becoming the bane of her existence altogether.

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Wrong Cho...
by cupofno