Billionaire Fell Ha...
By DreamerAsiya23
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"Are you trying to avoid taking responsibility?" He narrowed his brows. "N-No, I J-Just don't... remember anything!!" I stuttered worriedly. "Don't remember?" He leans his face soo close to me, his nose almost touching mine, his warm breath fanning over my face making me freeze in my place. "You were such a bully last night!!" He husked out and my eyes widened. Stop. Stop... Then Siddharth lifted my both hand and purred while biting my fingertips with desire clear in his eyes like a hungry wolf. "You grabbed my hands then..." Paused. Oh gosh, What did I do? I-I... I actually R-Ra...R... Urgh! I can't even say the word to my mind. I am such a-a beast. ★★★ Hritika Singh Shekhawat. 22, not your average poor girl who decided to move to New York to experience her life like a common employee, but on the way she accidentally collide a stranger and that stranger was none other than the world's No. 1 hottest Ruthless Billionaire who fell hard for her on first meeting. Siddharth Malhotra, 28, not your average billionaire playboy who used to thinks 'Love is not my cup of tea and never will be'. For him, money was the most powerful thing in the world but he never shows that he has so much money. This is what he learned from childhood. But will he make her fall for himself? Well she loves something more than herself, that is her freedom. Will She willing to sacrifice her freedom for him which she has struggled to achieve? Till what limit he will go to get her, with her past demon lurking around? ★★★ 🖤The Reason I FELL For YOU So HARD That You Are Not Like The Rest🖤~ Him.

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