Love Can Kill / Tor...
By Supercali1253
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A month ago, Tom "moves away to another country" and nobody has been able to contact him since. Meanwhile, his friends still live their lives like normal teenagers. When rumours suddenly start to spread through the school that there was some sort of figure that lurks in the dark, Edd insists on it being a ghost. However, Tord and Matt are more skeptical until the three of them suddenly have an encounter with something, or someone, that Tord would regret. This story will probably be a lot more dramatic than my other trashy books and the lovey-dovey stuff will take a while until it can actually appear. It's probably gonna be pretty dramatic as well so... yeah... I haven't actually chosen a proper cover yet so for the time being, I'm just gonna use this one that I just randomly came across. It obviously doesn't belong to me. I still suck at descriptions. Kill me now. T_T Story Idea by @Zentrun WARNING: Swearing, Blood, Torture, General Cringe

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Love Can...
by Supercali1253