For Better Or For W...
By soccerreader321
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- "Please, please, Kelley. I really need you to do this for me. I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't have any other choice. Please. I can't lose my best friend." One of my closest friends, Anna, begged me. "Anna this isn't just a little favour. This is huge. This could change my entire reputation, end my career if this information got out." "I know Kelley but I'm begging you. She really needs this life." The passion and emotion that Anna felt was clear from the tears running down her face. She had called early saying she needed to speak to me urgently and I came straight over but I could never had expected her to ask me this. "Okay, I need you to explain it to me once more. Why do you need me to marry your best friend?"

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For Bette...
by soccerreader321