Photo Shoot- A Harr...
By Woopdidoointheloo
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____________ "Beautiful," I hear him say behind me, a lot closer than expected, not knowing that he isn't talking about the photos in my hand... ____________ Rosemarie Falls is an aspiring photographer in NewYork City, who is stuck shooting weddings. Then one day she is presented with an enter a competition to be Harry Styles personal photographer for a year, all expenses paid. Will she steal the job? Or something else... What will Rosemarie do when presented with life choices, opportunities, and dramas along her ride with Harry Styles in Photo Shoot. ____________ WARNING: THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN SOME INTIMATE SCENES!!! I WON'T GIVE WARNINGS FOR THOSE CHAPTERS SO BE AWARE!! THERE IS ALSO SWEAR WORDS IN HERE!!! ____________

The beginning of it all...

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Photo Sho...
by Woopdidoointheloo