Timeless Snow
By NovaineRose
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Confined to 'Chocia's Psychiatric Hospital' in a sleepy old town in West Virginia, Y/N isn't left many liberties. Locked up by your absent parents, you are left to rot with your deteriorating mind and relentless hallucinations that keep you up at night. Names and faces from dreams you don't understand, as reality begins to slip from your fingers. Your only solace is your fiance who works at the hospital and visits you in secret, risking his career to be close to you, and an older brother who visits from college every chance he gets. Will you make sense of the visions? Or will you fall victim to an untreatable disease that slowly eats away at your mind and makes you lose sight of who you are? How long can you fight the demons that lurk in your head? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a work of fiction. Any pictures used or art I do not claim as my own. Taehyung x Reader Taehyung AU Taehyung Fanfic Status: Ongoing

Ch. 1 - Ombrophobia

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by NovaineRose