Arranged Love (Comp...
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Princess Eva is a hopeless romantic and has always dreamed of falling in love. The problem is, in the royal family marriages are always arranged for powerful alliances and not for love. Her father says love is a luxury for regular people. When she meets Paulo, the Prince of Spain that her family is forcing her to marry, he's so handsome that he takes her breath away but she soon finds out that he's no prince charming. Being married to her is the last thing he wants and he barely even speaks to her. Norway and Spain are desperate for heirs to the throne so Eva's put in an awkward situation, considering her new fiance acts like being forced to marry her is the worst thing that ever happened to him. Things get even more complicated when Paulo's best friend Rosalie tells Eva that he's in love with her and wishes he could marry her instead, but he can't because she's not a princess. They're forced to go away on a honeymoon to a private tropical island that they'll have all to themselves for a whole week. She's hopeful that being on an island all alone with him for a week will bring them closer but she can't get the nagging thoughts out of her head. Does he really love Rosalie and wish he could've married her? Is there any chance he could ever fall in love with her or will she have to spend the rest of her life, trapped in a loveless marriage? Will she ever find out how true love feels? **** Very mature themes & sexual content - 18+ only! Highest Rankings: #6 in Love out of 2.3 million stories. #7 in Romance out of 1.8 million stories. #1 in Royalty out of 40,000 stories. #1 in Princess out of 58,000 stories. #1 in Prince out of 39,500 stories. #1 in Romance Stories out of 14,000 stories. #1 in Erotic Romance out of 9,900 stories. #1 in Smutish out of 8,100 stories. #7 in Completed out of 61,000 stories.

Chapter 1 - Arranged Marriage

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