Delilah's Tears
By anyasharpeauthor
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The first time I ever laid eyes on Delilah, she was on the arm of another man. My brother. At their wedding. The next time I saw Delilah was a year later, standing over my brother's open grave. Crying. Bereft. Alone. Both times I had been granted leave to attend John's milestones. One joyous, one devastating. When your brother is your lifelong best friend, there's nothing you wouldn't do for him. Loyalty isn't a choice, it's a fact. So, what happens when life throws you not one, but a handful of curveballs that have you questioning your ability to remain loyal in the most intimate way? James Coury's admittedly absurd attraction to his brother's new wife is bad enough. The sudden death of John is nothing short of torture. Thrown together in grief, James vows to be there for Delilah through the devastating loss of her husband. Yet, the act of helping her heal her shattered heart places his in a crushing grip of its own. The battle to subdue his growing love and desire for Delilah sets James' morals and honor to the test-a test he's not so sure he'll pass.

Chapter One

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by anyasharpeauthor