The King & Queen
By Crunchybanana49
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Bakugo is a mafia leader, actually the best in the world, being an alpha he goes by the King. He hasn't been known to have many actual lovers, mostly hookups. Kirishima is a mafia leader, one of the best. In this type of world for an Omega to be in such a powerful spot is amazing, so he calls himself the queen. Kirishima is well known to flirt with his victims and then kill them. What happens when the two meet each other at a Mafia club. Mafia club is a place that police don't know about, it's where Mafia groups can go and chill. Any issues are left outside, or bring your issues outside. Most people go there for drinks, or for hookups even to make deals. It's basically just a secret club. (I do not own mha, or any art used)

How Ironic

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The King...
by Crunchybanana49