Kamen rider Zero On...
By JustyTurner
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  • horobi
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Y/n's father was the greatest scientist ever to exist. His father made many device and make stuff to help the world. But tragic struck when Y/n's father disappeared never to been seen. It has been 10 years and Y/n L/n visit his old dads lab and discovered a zero one driver and a weird glowing purple device that sent Y/n to Hyperdimension a world where there is only peace and it is protected by the four CPU'S each control there world's. But an evil force wants to control all the CPU'S world's and cost chaos though out the world. Y/n L/n use the Zero One driver to become Hyperdimension's vigilante known as Kamen rider Zero One. Will Y/n find his father and stop a upcoming war? And will he discover the secrets that is left behind by his father?

Protagonist: Zero One

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Kamen rid...
by JustyTurner