Consequences of Att...
By NeekyWriter
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First it was admitting to her best friend, Sarah, that she never kissed a boy throughout her whole high school career. The second was falling for a playboy's trick. The third was taking her brother's advice of 'living a little'. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The only life that 19 year old Kassandra Gates knows is late night studying and acing very test imaginable. Romance was never in her idea of a perfect future, in fact, there's something about the art of human chemistry that she never fully understood. How could two completely different people possibly fall in love with each other? Whatever the answer to the question is, it didn't matter to Kassandra since she simply had no room for love in her busy agenda. Ignorant, handsome, oddly intelligent, Ace West ruins Kassandra's agenda by forcing himself into her small world. She was independent and kept to herself and the idea of knowing all her deepest secrets made Ace feel attracted to her even more. Although, he wasn't fond of commitment or relationships, he didn't have a problem messing with the uptight girl a little bit. Who knows? They might realize that they have more in common then they think. One was bored. One was hardheaded. Put them together, there's simply no room for a love story. Cover made by @SinfulKissesxx

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