Escaping The Loop
By Angie1994
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At 28, Jillian realizes that her seemingly perfect life is a continuous mundane routine. she is fed up with conformity and wants change. Along the way, she battles depression, gets nostalgic, falls in love, and realizes that life and living happen when accomplishing one's dreams. One by one. Zen a prominent cardiovascular surgeon always has a plan. From an established family, a respectable career, and a successful fiance (Jillian). What could go wrong right? He is thrown into the unknown where everything changed. He is mystified, will he get over this change? Will he too change? Cecilia, a former lawyer who adored her routine, is an abandoned wife. Her husband's cheating ways got the iron lady to crumble and fall. She is also forced out of her routine and into an equivocal state of depression. Will she be able to pull through? Will she find happiness again? Discover how all three characters try to adapt to change. Travel, romance, self-discovery, and the pursuit of happiness. Don't forget to vote and comment.

I & II

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by Angie1994