Clay's Cottage (Boo...
By tricia-joy
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[COMPLETE] Seeking inspiration for her next historical romance novel, Tilly Fletcher visits a mysterious 19th century Tasmanian cottage, abandoned suddenly over a century ago by a sad and lonely recluse. As Tilly steps through the still and silent house, untouched and fully furnished after all these years, the impossible happens to her. Dazed and confused, she struggles to comprehend that she is no longer in 2019, but suddenly standing inside the cottage in 1869 - and is caught by the aforementioned recluse, Nicholas Clay. While Tilly faces the obstacles preventing her from going back home, she also has to adjust to the sudden change of living in the 19th century. But it's not long before Tilly starts to enjoy the new life she's started for herself, and has doubts about returning to the life she's known for twenty-eight years - especially if it means leaving behind the man she is unexpectedly falling for. [Word Count: ~70,000+ words] * This is the draft version of Clay's Cottage which you can read on Wattpad for free. * The final, edited and extended version of Clay's Cottage is available to purchase as an eBook or paperback on Amazon ( or Kobo (

Chapter One

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Clay's Co...
by tricia-joy