The Way of the Sith
By JediMoonlarkAvenger
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Vassi Janio never signed up for this, she never asked to be a sith, born to poor parents of whom she has no memory, she was taken as a small child by her master, Darth Nethine, who was pretending to be a Jedi and given the name, Darth Zorla. Now, after years of doing his bidding, she finally has a chance to escape... This is an Old republic fanfic based on the legends era pre rule of two when there were tons of Jedi and sith wars. Also, if you see places where should have been capitals, but there aren't, that's because I wrote it in Aurabesh and there are no caps in Aurabesh. Caution, there is a bunch of killing in the beginning (because that's what sith do)

Chapter I

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The Way o...
by JediMoonlarkAvenger