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Your magic. The amount that radiates around you, it's so addicting. I-I'm afraid that if I continue this I might lose control." he replied with a shudder. "My, my my, sweetheart, just when will you realize?" he said in a smooth, silky voice while moving closer to him by the second. "W-what do you mean?" "That you already did, a long, long time ago" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alexander Delacroix is a transfer student from Drumstrang, the prestigious school for the dark arts. On his first day at Hogwarts, he gets sorted in Gryffindor but a curse left from a former student keeps changing his house dorms to the Slytherin dungeons! One of his roommates is a cunning, handsome, dark-haired boy that everyone calls "the golden boy of Slytherin". Now he has to deal with both his infuriating(ly hot) presence and obnoxious friends, just how crazier can his life become?


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y o u r...
by Xikronicruzz