A Muslim Tale
By Royal7
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[reached #1 in Spiritual] 11/17/15- 8/18/16 Amira Abdul is a bright,well educated girl filled with joy and much potential. Is a practicing Muslim and teaches. Her parents and her love for her religion and is what her life revolves around. Then there's Amir Ali. A good looking educated man who has his own thinking. To him independence means to become a man who takes no help even if that means leaving his fathers company and becoming ceo on his own. When the two are paired up for marriage Amira is faced with a man who seems to have no care for her.Ever hear of "the struggle is real" well thats there relationship. Their marriage life becomes an obstacle and their love becomes stronger. Distance creates a stronger love then you think. Arrange marriages are tough but it's worth fighting for. A wise man once said, 'its better to love the person you marry than to marry the person you love'

A muslim tale

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A Muslim...
by Royal7