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By theharianadimples
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Love is what destroyed Harry Styles, a 28 year old man who's trying to cope with his afflicted life after his wife and unborn child are murdered. Love also destroyed Ramona Hart, a misunderstood 18 year old whose lack of affection from those she cares about stems her psychological need to feel special- wanted. These two tortured souls come together in an unexpected twist of events as Ramona introduces Harry to the possibility of a brighter future, while in return Harry introduces Ramona to the simplest pleasures in life and the idea that in something bad, there is always something good. As their lives begin to intertwine, Harry and Ramona come to realize that love isn't like the movies. It's sometimes impure, dangerous, a little taboo, and addicting. Chasing a high inevitably leads to a killer crash and it's a matter of time until Harry and Ramona reach it. © theharianadimples

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by theharianadimples