Fate play ( Dong Hu...
By amy2097
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Rocks don't melt but they break They were ill-fated or were they? Why would fate make two people meet and fall in love when they were not meant to be. Dong Hua Dijun thinks he wrote his fate himself all those years ago, but fate has pride that she has to keep it intact. Now Bai Feng Jiu is a queen and a strong High Immortal everything is changed in the last three hundred years, but what is not changed is Feng Jiu's Love for that old rock. Eternal Love of a dream/pillow book is over and Our old kid Dong Hua Dijun and his Xiao Bai got the happy ending they deserve but I still think that the old Rock and his Jiu'er happy ending of Eternal Love/Ten miles of peach blossom are still due. And I am just continuing my version of their love story if they choose to fight fate.

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Fate play...
by amy2097