The Rejected
By DeFeytLynKate
  • Werewolf
  • alphaxomegaxalpha
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  • lgbt
  • mates
  • mpreg
  • pack
  • polyamory
  • rejection
  • twins
  • werewolf


Oliver Lysander had a great life in the Cresent pack despite his omega status. Although his parents had died when they were younger, his older brother had taken good care of the both of them. He eagerly awaited his 18th birthday to find his mate, but everything went wrong from there. Oliver left Cresent Pack on bad terms and a pup on the way to and became a new as a member of the Blue Moon pack. Thanks to help from the Luna of the pack, he has started a better life for him and his son. Xavier and Zander Paxon had always been adored by their pack. As the next alphas of Blue Moon pack, they were destined to be great leaders. Due to this, they have high expectations of their future mate. Before they could search for their mate, on their 18th birthday they were sent to a special 3 year alpha training course to teach them proper communication skills. Both were upset their mother did not attend to wish them farewell due to a new omega joining the pack. What will happen when the moon goddess blesses them to one another?

1- Oliver

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The Rejec...
by DeFeytLynKate