Fly, Nightingale
By WildThoughtsEscape
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Two years after the events within the thieves guild and slaying of the world-eater, civil war is still rife in Skyrim, with both sides desperate to recruit the dragonborn. The dragonborn has more pressing matters to attend to than picking sides in a war where the only true winners are the Thalmor, such as a series of mysterious, indecipherable runes popping up throughout the province that no one seems to be paying attention to. Who is putting them there and what do they mean? The other pressing matter is the straining relationship between the guildmaster and her second in command, as he insists on keeping their arrangement a secret to protect the guild and is more practiced in the worshop of Dibella than Mara.

One: Loredas, First Seed, Riften

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Fly, Nigh...
by WildThoughtsEscape