The Vampire Invasio...
By GoldenUnseen
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In a town, not too big, not too small, where nothing bad ever happens, a happy couple lay asleep in their bed until an attack occurred. They wake the next morning to find strange changes that have occurred to them. The husband, Mark, a teacher at the local high school, when he sees two new people have appeared, he was shocked. With these two newcomers, comes more trouble than this little town could imagine. Noah and Mary Green had wandered into a town, guarded by the shadows, in a quest to get their revenge on the human race. To satisfy their late-night cravings, they found themselves outside a quaint little house. Their feast was interrupted by the intrusion of unwanted visitors. The Next morning, the siblings were quite shocked to find their prey from the night before stood before them. How will Mary and Noah fare with the slight kink in their plans? How will Mark and Susan cope with these strange and unknown changes? Read The Vampire Intrusion to find out. Completed on May 3 2020 1st place in Black Tie Awards🥇 2nd place in The Sky Is The Limit Awards🥈 2nd place in Sweet And Spicy Awards 🥈 2nd in Mystical May Contest 🥈 Second in The Boxed Talent Awards 🥈 3rd in Prosperity Awards 🥉 3rd in black and gold Awards 🥉 Reviewed by @_critics_


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The Vampi...
by GoldenUnseen