Fallen So Deep [Upd...
By salonithewriter
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Samaira and Armaan are two poles apart. If she is as pure as water, he is as feisty as fire. If she is as innocent as a baby, he is as smoky as chicken. She is a fragile doll. He is a lusty playboy. They were arranged by destiny to be The One. The saying "The opposite attracts" turned out to be true once again. They had never dreamt of being together. Yet they met and fell. Fell So Deep, they couldn't rise again. Her innocence pulled him hard. His super sexy stance annoyed her the most. They hated each other yet they fell. Fell so deep that they couldn't rise again. Have a tour of their life. You will Hate them. You will Love them too. They will annoy you. They will entertain you too. #Fiction# #LoveStory# #MatureContent# #BillionairePlayboy# #InnocentDoll#

Chapter 1

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Fallen So...
by salonithewriter