Ghost City Blues: L...
By JamesAHartley
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Meet Plague, a gorgeoous gothic goddess manifested yet again on Earth. She flies, she kills and she's never heard the Beatles. And people want her dead. Now meet Anna, Dylan and Gart, locked up in a correctional facility in upstate New York. They're wannabe gods - wannabe somethings - wannabe anythings. Roomies, too, trapped in with Doctor Redmond and his menagerie of gods, spirits, gurus and demons at the Red House. Stay with Dylan and the crew as Redmond shows them how to become gods - become divine - to haunt Earth's locked down cities and answer the prayers and hopes of a human population cowering from the pandemic sweeping the planet. When Plague is abducted and taken to the underworld Dylan realises he is in love and that love is more important that death. Down to hell he goes to save his love - but at what price? Who will survive Plague's latest apparition on our fair soil, our blue marble planet? And who the hell is Redmond anyway?


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Ghost Cit...
by JamesAHartley