Crown of Gods
By GuiltyFlower
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When the Brethren Court invades Princess Evayla's kingdom, her beloved home is thrown into chaos. Just as all hope seems lost, she's saved by the Draconian Empire and Evayla finds herself under the protection of the empire's powerful Emperor. As Evayla blossoms into a young woman, the illusion of her idyllic life begins to crack. She unveils the unsettling secrets concealed within the palace-hidden laboratories and sinister experiments. The Emperor's true identity is unveiled, exposing his malevolent intentions for world dominance and the truth behind the attack on her kingdom. With every revelation, her life hangs by a thread, and her quest for freedom intensifies. - Luke Orison is the Prince of Faeland, one night, Faeland is invaded by Slave Traders working for the Draconian Empire, and his fiancé Lady Tara is captured. To prove to his father that he is more than capable of ruling Faeland, Luke embarks on a rescue mission to save the faeries. But along the way, he meets Baden, who teaches Luke self-acceptance and ignites unexpected emotions, forcing Luke to confront his sexuality and conflicting desires, forcing him to choose: Tara or Baden? - Guided by the Pirate King, Lee Minjun is driven to obtain the fabled Golden Eye, a mythical weapon. With it, he seeks to dismantle the Draconian Empire that killed his family. As Minjun sets out on his journey, a twist of fate intertwines his path with Evayla. Together, they navigate a treacherous world, across miles of ocean and multiple islands brimming with danger, and unexpected alliances form wanting the same thing-to take down the Draconian Empire, while also trying to take apart the hierarchy of the Gods and placing the Crown on the rightful one to rule them all. Minjun's quest for vengeance becomes entwined with a greater calling in this epic tale of struggle for power and control.


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Crown of...
by GuiltyFlower