The Fine Art Of Ann...
By naiyapatel26
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What happens when The Mafia King gets a weird text one night from a girl who is hell bent on making him hers? She is a badass who wins each and every street race and street fight. She always gets what she wants. Freedom and having control over everything is her motto. She is Valentina Martinez. He is a Mafia King who kills without remorse. Having control and power over everyone is his motto. He is Luciano Moretti. -------------------- Excerpt:- {Texts between the characters} Valentina When did I give you the honor of listening to my angelic voice? My arrogant asshole🖤 Answer the damn phone. Valentina Wow. You're desperate.😂 My arrogant asshole🖤 Says the one who called herself my Queen the first time she texted me. ------------------------ You've heard of when A badboy claims the bad girl but what happens when The bad girl claims a Mafia king? A love story of course but full of sarcasm, humor and let's not forget Love! Is it possible for two cold hearts to love each other? Join Valentina and Luciano in their journey of learning to love each other. (Only a few chapters left in the story and it will be complete) (I do not own any pictures in the story) *Previously called 'When the bad girl claimed the mafia king'*


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The Fine...
by naiyapatel26