Only Girl In The Wo...
By QueenHhhhhhh
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Kristen is the girl always hiding behind the hoodie at school and never talks to anyone in school, why? No one knows why. There are rumors that she isn't entirely human. Who even came up with that!? The truth is Kristen only hides behind her hoodie because she is suffering from stage four lung cancer and she knows she is going to die soon. She doesn't want anyone to be sad or heartbroken when she dies just like she was when her parents died so she distanced herself from everybody and the world. Kristen is your typical guy. Good looking, rich and popular. He never really noticed Kaylee till the day he saw her with her hoodie off and he could never seem to stop thinking about her or stay away from her as much as Kaylee pushes him away. As much as Kaylee hates to admit it, he makes her feel like she's the only girl in the world.

Chapter One

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Only Girl...
by QueenHhhhhhh