All For Us (MHA/BNH...
By LightChaseFan
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**First time writing a book don't kill me!! XD** I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA CHARACTERS NOR IMAGES THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS STORY!! ALL SELECTED CONTENT BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS!! Aiko: I just want to be with my family again... Toshinori: Who is, young Tsukori to me?... Sakura: It can't end like this, it can't! After Aiko and Toshinori's broken marriage, Sakura Yagi struggles to find her long lost father and make amends with her mother. After revealing that All Might was her biological father, she break down and shuts everyone out of her life, eventually leading to a tragic death of her mother. Wanting to fix the future, she jumps back 4 months ago in the past to start another life twisting the future. On this journey to keep her mother alive, she enrolls at U.A. from the start to get in contact with All Might. As the future nears, she gets anxious as the futures plays out just as before. Well she be able to make things right? Embark on a new journey with Sakura. Story: Light Chase Chracters by: Kohei Horikoshi OC Chracters: Light Chase Cover: All Might Image: Anime Girl Image:


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All For U...
by LightChaseFan