The Unpredictable (...
By Never-Ending_Story
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Neveah is your average teen. With her parents and a goof of a little brother. Her two best friends and her basketball team.She has a special bond with her brother El and they spend their time together. Her life is pretty basic. Things change when a new guy enters her life turning it upside down.She helps him put his guard down discovering the deeper meaning his silence holds. He shows her that it is okay to do what makes you happy.They help each other be a better version of themselves. Neveah is falling in love with her new version.She feels happy and everything feels in place. When one day El disappears...No clue..NOTHING...just gone... Find out her Quest to find her lost brother when everyone have seemed to loose hope.. While everyone has no idea of what happened...Nevaeh along with her friends try to solve the mystery of her lost brother. Find out what happens in "The Unpredictable" Cover by: @Goddessofguess

Chapter One: A Waffle Lot

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The Unpre...
by Never-Ending_Story