Our Wolves, Their K...
By raressity
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Chloe Mare is problematic. Broken, hesitant and apprehensive around strangers and those she used to love. But she wasn't always like that. The school's heartthrob, Nicholas Brown, ruined her. He left scars and wounds time wouldn't heal and the kind of damage that didn't dull, like Chloe's parents hoped it would. Chloe is emotionally and mentally scarred. And she likes to believe she'll never be happy again. That is until Noah Rane comes into the picture. He's new, sexy and mysterious. And Chloe's got an instant attraction to him. But there's something she's scared about - her past. Will he still like her when he finds out how broken she is? ++++ Please give this a read!! Xx ®️All rights reserved. 2020. ©️copyright. Raressity.

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Our Wolve...
by raressity