Lavender: Necklace...
By Cryswave14
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After Captain Sea's ship arrives at Reinbomaunten' airando, him and his crew make plans to settle there and map out their next location for trade. Meanwhile the boys Laven, Fox, and Kev struggle to get along with each other causing a big ruckus on the ship and disturbing other islanders which leads to the entire crew getting banned from the island. Although Captain Sea wasn't mad with the boy's, other Crew members were furious, threatening the boys, especially Laven. One of the pirates, Pirate Tim, bullies Laven by taking his most praised possession, His necklace he had since birth.Tim refuses to give back Laven's necklace, pawning it at a pawn shop at another island for a great sum of profit at around 5,000 dollars. The Captain gets upset at Tim, and forces him to go back to the Pawn shop and buy the necklace back, but by then Someone already brought the necklace. Laven thought he would never see his necklace again until a strange girl is seen wearing the necklace.

The Great Feud

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by Cryswave14