Westwood School
By linden-beechwood
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Rowen Ashworth and his three closest friends practically run their elite British boarding school. There, the richest of the rich send their children to get the best education and to make good connections. They expect their senior year to be no different from the rest, full of them breaking hearts, throwing parties and playing in their band. On a bar crawl in Nashville, these boys stumble upon Magnolia, singing her heart out. This honky-tonk angel enchants the boys and leads them around for quite the night. Never would they of guessed to see this girl again, let alone at Westwood high. Magnolia Harris, or Nola for short, is content in her life in Nashville. But for her father's job, they need to move to London. There she enrolls in the best school her family can find, money not being any bit of an issue. She does not expect what she finds at all. Will she come to love Westwood or will westwood come to love her? #1 in country #1 in songwriting

Honky Tonk Women

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by linden-beechwood