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Book 3 and conclusion of the Lovely Trilogy 16+ ___ 13 years have passed since Daniel's birth. During this period, everything had seemed fine. Lovely had three more children - Christopher, Lucy, and Lady - she had nothing to worry about, and there was no trouble to be taken care of. That was until an accident happened with Daniel, involving Luffy that is slowly tearing Lovely away from the love that she had for him. With a new crew member, LovelyAstronomer, Lovely finally manages to find Atlantis, until a new enemy and a familiar face return to take over the land. Lovely and the crew are sent to Atlantis to battle against the evil that plagues Atlantis. To do this, they try communicating with the Atlantians, who don't take kindly to humans and refuse to help the lovelies, handsomes, and Straw Hats because of the kidnapping of the heir to the ruler of Atlantis. What will Lovely do to convince the Atlantians that there is an enemy that had overthrown their ruler and is taking over with the intent to take control over their lives? ___ Credit to Eiichiro Oda for One Piece and any canon characters that are in the story.

Part 1 - Monkey D. Lovely

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