My Lord **PUBLISHED...
By Shimaira
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Gothic Horror // Historical // LGBTQ+ // Published novel ~*~ Blood is not always red... ~ Tristanja, 1239 AD: Having lost her home and family in a raid, Meya flees east but is captured and abused by a slave trader before being sold to Lord Deminas, patron of the local lands. She's forced to work as his chambermaid and discovers the Lord is as cruel as the rumours have made him out to be. Yet, he's rather protective of Meya and punishes anyone who dares hurt her. Even when he drinks her blood, he goes as far as to use his own to heal her wounds. Meya learns the castle holds many dark secrets; servants regularly vanish, including all the Lord's previous chambermaids. Meya and her paramour must ensure the same doesn't happen to either of them, especially since it's unclear if the Lord only desires Meya's blood. ~ Publication date: 31 October, 2020 ~*~ Note: This story takes place in the same universe as the Lucius series. Still, they are both standalone. ***Content Warning*** The story you are about to read contains detailed sexual content and violence. It is intended for mature readers and even then it may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion. - Amazing cover by @FinnyH ♥

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My Lord *...
by Shimaira