ALPHA (a BTS mafia...
By RaineSky50
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Kim Namjoon aka ALPHA is part of a mafia family. It all started when his parents were assassinated at their opera house 3 years ago. Namjoon is then forced to take the rank as leader for he is the only one capable, but how will he cope now being in charge of killers, drug dealers, and thieves. As years go by he begins to question his sanity at times. That's not it. He takes a particularly unhealthy interestin a Highschool graduate (y/n) who is abused by her father, however Namjoon, no matter how caring and compassionate, he uses force and violence more then he is aware... is his new obsession with y/n going to affect his position as ALPHA? But thats not it, Park Jimin, a man of many secrets, is a trained assassin working for Namjoon, he is also the right hand man of Namjoon. Jimin develops a crush on (y/n). He fears his over controlling and aggressive personality will only chase her away. Who, if any of them, will win the heart of y/n?

The Encounter

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ALPHA (a...
by RaineSky50