Emma that is Dead
By Monrosey
  • Mystery / Thriller
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When 17-year-old Arbor Hayes' best friend turns up alive after a mysterious six-month long disappearance, she must piece together the baffling fragments of her story to make sense of what happened. * * * * * When 16-year-old Emma Navarro goes missing, the well-to-do town of Menteuse, Ohio is in shock. Including Arbor Hayes, Emma's life-long next door neighbor. Everyone loves Emma: a straight A student, captain of the girl's varsity soccer team, girlfriend to the handsome and charismatic president of their junior class. After weeks of searching, Emma's truck is found abandoned in a corn field hours from home, with traces of blood and a torn letterman jacket strewn in the back seat. She's presumed dead, and the rescue mission turns into a recovery. Six months later, Arbor's taken over as captain of the soccer team and has even started dating, but she's still struggling to move on from the tragedy. There are so many unanswered questions, not only about Emma's disappearance but the secrets her best friend was keeping - even from her. When she receives a mysterious text, her world is turned upside down. It's from Emma's cell phone, stating she's alive. When she reappears in town, she's different somehow. But after information comes to light about her harrowing ordeal, she can't be surprised her best friend has changed. Though much about Emma remains the same - down to the matching tattoos they both share - something's just not adding up. Is Emma Navarro really back from the dead, or is there more to the story than what she's letting on? * * * * * Emma that is Dead Copyright © 2020, Darly Jamison. All rights reserved.

Emma that is Dead

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Emma that...
by Monrosey