The Untamed X Male...
By Jessie_Yagami
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As for the details of the main characters, here's your story. You are the biological brother of the one and only Wei Wuxian. The day that Clan leader Jiang found Wei and took him in was the same day you had gone missing. Clan leader Jiang had every one of his men from the Jiang Clan looking for you though as this went on the hope of finding you began to disintegrate till all hope was lost. That was the day they presumed you to be dead. Dramatic twist, 10 years later Lan Clan soldiers find a body dumped outside the boundaries of the Lan Sect. Could it be possible that it was you, were you still alive and had been kept somewhere in super poor conditions for 10 years?

Lan Clan Rules -- A/N

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The Untam...
by Jessie_Yagami