What will tomorrow...
By ThienToons
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After his first week on the force, Nicolas Wilde was forced to make what will probably be the biggest choice of his life. The choice between his partners' life and his own. He will be put through torture and Judy will be put trough something even harder: working without a partner. What will happen to this inseparable duo? Will they be together? Will, they catch the bad guys? Read to find out. Hello and thanks for finding my story! My name is Thien Nguyen and I have come back from a 3-year hiatus from Wattpad. I was part of the old community of Zootopia lovers and now I want to be able to create an amazing story with the two love birds that we love: Judy and Nick. So, please give me a chance with this story and I won't let you down. If you have any ideas please let me know, I will try to post a minimum a chapter a day during the lockdown. Created: 5th April 2020

Chapter 1

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What will...
by ThienToons